Month: April 2020

A justified battle

A justified battle

In elite football there are very specific positions where there is a shortage of players who can provide real guarantees. This is the case with the left-back, where it is often difficult to find the desired profile. Porto's Alex Telles has been in demand for some time...

New Talents of 2019/20: Forwards

In these weeks without football we have decided to review the best of the season and pick out the names that have surprised us most in our series of articles on new talents: defenders, midfielders, wingers and, in today's edition, forwards. The 2019/20 season has seen...

Message from CEO on COVID-19

Message from CEO on COVID-19

Dear all, Due to the dark times we are navigating through this isn’t business as usual. Because of the COVID-19 crisis the football world as we all know has come to a halt and thus, we believe the work we do at Driblab is more critical than ever. With no football to...

New Talents of 2019/20: Wingers

We continue with our series of the New Talents of the season, after analyzing the defensive line and midfield, it is the turn of the wings. In this week's article we highlight three players with very different realities: one of the best chance creators in the five...

ABC interviews Salvador Carmona about Driblab

ABC interviews Salvador Carmona about Driblab

ABC, a reference newspaper in Spain, interviewed a few days ago Driblab's CEO Salvador Carmona, who offered some clues about how our tools help different clubs to increase their scouting opportunities. The publication emphasizes that we have a database of 130,000...


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Somos una empresa con sede en Madrid fundada en 2017 por Salvador Carmona y Cristian Coré Ramiro. Desde nuestros inicios nuestra labor se ha centrado en el análisis estadístico para ayudar a los clubes en la planificación deportiva. Somos una consultora que ofrece servicios personalizables para cada cliente y que defiende un modelo de gestión mixto y una comunicación constante para acompañar en el día a día de las instituciones. Nuestra fortaleza es la cobertura más amplia disponible en número de torneos profesionales y de categorías inferiores. Para más detalles no dude en contactarnos.

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