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We have deployed new functionalities and resources that streamline all the work of football professionals. driblabPRO updates and launches the following improvements for its clients and users in the football scouting world.


We have deployed new functionalities and resources that streamline all the work of football professionals. driblabPRO updates and launches the following improvements for its clients and users in the football scouting world.

driblabHUB – Tasks Board

Introducing the new Task Board feature on Driblab HUB, designed to streamline and optimize your scouting tasks. This feature allows users to create, organize, and manage tasks with ease. Set specific dates, assign tasks to team members, and categorize them as To Do, In Progress, or Done. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies updating task statuses. Customize task details, including visibility settings, scouting type, and task location. The Task Board supports both individual and match scouting, offering flexibility for various needs. Enhance collaboration and efficiency among scouting teams with the new Task Board on Driblab Pro.

CaptureDownload Clips

Now, in the Video Highlights Capture section, users can enhance their video analysis process with the new “Download Videos” button. This feature lets you select specific clips from matches, which are then processed and sent directly to your email. By using this button, users can easily cut and save key moments from the video. This improvement is designed to streamline your workflow, making it more efficient to create and share customized video highlights. With this functionality, essential footage is readily available for in-depth analysis and presentations, optimizing your scouting and review processes on Driblab Pro.

Capture – Link Game Stat in Game Highlights

Now, on the game sheet, users can click on specific stats that are highlighted in blue and underlined. This new functionality allows you to transition seamlessly from statistical data to video highlights. By clicking on these highlighted numbers, you will be taken directly to the video with the events filtered based on the selected stat. This improvement aims to enhance the user experience by integrating visual analysis with data review, providing a more comprehensive scouting process. This feature helps users quickly and accurately review key moments, optimizing your analysis and decision-making workflow on Driblab Pro.

Add games filter in eventing data

Now, when looking at maps like xG, xA, xT, and touches, users can filter by specific games. This new functionality allows you to refine your analysis with filters such as All games, Home, Away, Last 6 games, and Last 12 games, as well as the option to select individual games. This improvement provides greater flexibility and precision in your analysis, enabling you to focus on specific game sets or individual matches. By filtering maps by games, you can gain deeper insights into player and team performance, streamlining your scouting and analysis process on Driblab Pro.

Scouting & Capture – Widgets

We have deployed four new widgets to the Driblab Pro platform, streamlining the way you manage and access scouting information.

Scouting Analyses: Now, users can get a quick overview of the latest player analyses, including global ratings, recommendations, and scout details.

My Tasks: With this widget, you can efficiently track your tasks, displaying the status and assignee for each task, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Uploaded Games: This widget provides instant access to recently uploaded game footage, complete with league details and upload timestamps, streamlining your video review process.

Playlists: Users can now view and manage collections of video highlights, making it easier to analyze and share key moments from matches.

These new widgets are designed to offer a more intuitive and efficient user experience, helping you stay organized and focused on your scouting objectives.

Squad builder: Display Options and Notes 

Now, in the Squad Builder section, users can customize the display of player details with new functionalities. You can hide or show player positions, country, and age/date of birth using simple checkboxes. This enhancement provides a tailored view of your squad, focusing on the information most relevant to you. Additionally, we have introduced the ability to add descriptive notes to each player. This feature allows you to include comments or important information related to the player directly within the squad view. These improvements aim to offer a more flexible and comprehensive experience in squad management, enhancing your organizational and analytical capabilities on Driblab Pro.

PDF Report: Areas

Now, when generating a PDF report for a team, users can add four new slides by selecting the “Areas” checkbox. This feature enriches your report with additional detailed analyses, including:

  • Areas Report: Comprehensive analysis of key playing areas.
  • Chances · Goals: Insights into goal-scoring opportunities and conversions.
  • Crosses · Goals: Examination of goals resulting from crosses.
  • Goals per Phases: Breakdown of goals scored during different phases of the game.

By clicking this checkbox, you can generate a more in-depth and informative report, providing a richer set of data. This improvement aims to enhance your understanding of team performance, facilitating better strategic decisions and comprehensive analysis on Driblab Pro.

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