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In such a competitive market having Driblab reduces the margin of error saving time and money for clubs. Get ahead of your rivals via Big Data

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring innovation into the subjective beautiful game. We strive for teams, leagues, federations and other football professionals to have a more objective decision-making process in an industry that should always look for the better interest of its protagonists.

What we do

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Each game generates thousands of events that we use to analyze the performance of players and teams with our own complex models. With our generated metrics we evaluate the players in an objective and accurate way. With this information our experts are able to find the profiles that best suit each client according to their needs, context and preferences.



Identification of needs and customization of services

For our consultancy it is a priority to adapt to each client so that our service can be integrated as easily as possible to each club and take advantage of all the potential of our company. Driblab is based on fluid communication that identifies the needs of each client and offers an individualized consulting service. Our database has over 130,000 players registered, which allows us to reach market options that were previously unnoticed.



Representation Agencies

Get ahead of the rivals in discovering the new promises

Our database includes more than 180 professional competitions but also more than a hundred junior tournaments from under 23s to academy. This information allows for the detection of new talents before the competition as well as a having greater intel in international youth football. In addition to the identification of new talent, our analysis allows us to recruit players with greater certainty of their performance and see both, their potential as well as areas for improvement. We can also compare players with their competition in order to get a competitive edge when negotiating any type of deal.



Sport Brand

Put in real value the performance of each player

Use Big Data to find promising youngsters or underrated players to sponsor before they explode and maximize your return on investment. Get all the information, both descriptive and predictive, about the future performance of the athlete to sponsor, his potential as an athlete and minimize the margin of error in the decision-making process on the valuation of each player.




Complete the information with the best visualizations

Due to the infographic nature of Driblab’s work we have many varieties of designs and content for online, print and television outlets. Enrich your content with data and better visualizations for the viewer or reader. Give your viewer a unique experience.




Discover selectable players and analyze performance

The information in our database with more than 130,000 footballers includes the nationalities of each profile. Keep track of those profiles that can be part of your national team planning and compare the performances of your players. In addition, our services include opponent and post-match analysis with a statistical approach to complement the information handled by the coaching staff.


Data means a horizon to explode and a great deal of information to live with on a daily basis. Applied to recruitment, support and development of applications like Driblab is a great advantage. My experience with them has been of great importance and has meant a great competitive advance.

Pablo Longoria
Valencia, Juventus, Sassuolo, Atalanta

Every day there is more competition in football, so using all the tools available for player recruitment with the idea of ​​minimizing errors is an obligation, and Driblab is the best option in the market, accurate and optimized for every club of the world. Consultation for decision-making is indispensable in modern football.

Víctor Orta
Leeds United, Middlesbrough, Zenit St. Petesburgo

In the football world there is still a very small use of data compared to other sports. Driblab helps with contextualized data to make useful information for the audience that enriches all the content.

Bruno Alemany
Cadena SER, Esport

Football, like other collective sports, is in constant evolution, Driblab is a tool that facilitates you an objective view of match situations that contributes to the achievement of a more comprehensive report of the player by expanding the thresholds of information processing.

Javier Alonso
Atlético de Madrid, US Sassuolo Calcio

Discover the potential of data at your service


Corporate Information

We are a company based in Madrid, Spain founded in 2017 by Salvador Carmona and Cristian Coré Ramiro. Since the beginning our work has been focused on statistical analysis to help clubs and sport professionals in sports planning. We are a consultancy that offers customizable services for each client and defends a mixed management model and constant communication to accompany the day-to-day of the institutions. Our strengths are the widest coverage available in number of professional and junior tournaments as well as bespoke modeling for each client. For more details please contact us.

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