Football Player Analysis

The evaluation of the players’ performance is the central axis of our work. This allows us to identify talent, compare profiles and adjust to the desired characteristics to find the desired player profile for the clients’ sports planning.


Footballer’s performance

Infographics as an essential tool for analysis and understanding

To analyze the performance of the players we tend to use radar charts that immediately show their production. Depending on the position different metrics are used and all values are compared with concentric circles that represent the performance of all players in that position in the last seasons of Europe’s top five leagues: the further away from the centre is shown, the better the performance of the player for his position. Radars can be customized to add the metrics that are considered most relevant to the client’s needs. This is the prototype we use to analyze central defenders. We can work on different infographics for overall performance if need be and can be made bespoke to the needs of the client.


Follow the growth of your players

We can evaluate how the player’s performance has progressed over several seasons. And even by superimposing different infographics we can emphasize which aspects have evolved and which have regressed. Here you can see an example.


Compare with the performance of rival players

Through a beeswarm infographic we can extrapolate the performance of a player and compare it with others of the same position who compete in their league or in different ones. Likewise, we can contrast those metrics with the ones the player had in previous seasons or period of times within the season. If you want to know more about this tool you can click here.

Discover the potential of data at your service

The evaluation of player performance is at the heart of our work. This allows us to identify talent, compare profiles and match desired characteristics to find the desired player profile for clients’ sports planning, regardless of each club’s needs or style of play.

Through all kinds of tools and visualisations, generated from statistical models and metrics developed by our technology team, clients can accurately and rigorously gauge a player’s performance, both in the current season and during his previous career, in different ways, being able to be compared with any player, from any league, and analysed in depth.

The flexibility of our platform and services allows the client to customise the tools to be used, achieving a better interaction with the data, adapting to their way of working and saving a lot of time in the previous search and analysis of the players prior to making decisions. Driblab works to innovate in data processing in order to facilitate the work of professionals in football player analysis.


Corporate Information

We are a company based in Madrid, Spain founded in 2017 by Salvador Carmona and Cristian Coré Ramiro. Since the beginning our work has been focused on statistical analysis to help clubs and sport professionals in sports planning. We are a consultancy that offers customizable services for each client and defends a mixed management model and constant communication to accompany the day-to-day of the institutions. Our strengths are the widest coverage available in number of professional and junior tournaments as well as bespoke modeling for each client. For more details please contact us.

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