Football Scouting

Our services have a constant utility in the day to day of the institutions. That is why we have implemented tools to anticipate the transfer market that save time and resources to the scouting area of each client. We are able to identify the most interesting profiles and notify which players are standing out, players in positive evolution, youth players in good time, debuts and any customizable alert that fits the interests of each club.



Expand your market options

Driblab gives you the opportunity to reach more places and thus expand your market possibilities. One of the greatest strengths of our service is that it encompasses all of the professional football in the world. Our database has information on more than 130,000 players in well over a hundred competitions, with leagues from all over the world.


Find the most outstanding profiles for each position

Our services aim to speed up the workload of recruitment departments. Our system selects the best players in their position in the desired competitions by grouping these searches in maps. These selections of outstanding profiles can be customized using filters such as contract end-date, age or market value to facilitate scouting tasks by identifying only the outstanding profiles.


Get ahead of the rest

In order not to lose any detail of what happens during the season, we have developed a system that warns in case of debuts, increase in performance or scoring spurts. In this way, if a profile starts to stand out or reaches the first team our consultancy will notify the client’s recruitment department. You will receive notification immediately bespoke to your search needs.

Loans identifier

Give your searches another perspective

Through the percentage of minutes played by a player and the variation of his performance from one a campaign to another based on our models, we have developed a system to find profiles that may be feasible to obtain a loan. Within the position, age or nationality filters chosen by the client, Driblab identifies players who have lost importance in their clubs or have seen their performance reduced during last season or a particular time frame.

Discover the potential of data scout football

Data scout football

Our services of data scout football are of constant use in the day-to-day work of the institutions. That is why we have implemented transfer market anticipation tools that save time and resources in the scouting area of each client. We are able to identify the most interesting profiles and notify which players are standing out, players in positive evolution, promising academy players, debutants and any customisable alert that fits the interests of each club.

Soccer scouting software

Our football scouting software tools have to be as deep and flexible as football as a game and as an industry, being able to apply as many filters as possible to find the information that each client may need, achieving this through tailor-made applications and functionalities. In the scouting department of each club, different profiles of analysts and scouts converge. Therefore, player scouting is complemented by extensive possibilities to analyse the next opponent with all kinds of maps, events, metrics and comparative tools with teams in their league or other leagues.

Our clients can obtain automated information in a completely autonomous way for each club, being able to analyse performance, extract trends and style of play, form, strengths and weaknesses. Driblab is designed so that all department profiles can save time and make better decisions.


Corporate Information

We are a company based in Madrid, Spain founded in 2017 by Salvador Carmona and Cristian Coré Ramiro. Since the beginning our work has been focused on statistical analysis to help clubs and sport professionals in sports planning. We are a consultancy that offers customizable services for each client and defends a mixed management model and constant communication to accompany the day-to-day of the institutions. Our strengths are the widest coverage available in number of professional and junior tournaments as well as bespoke modeling for each client. For more details please contact us.

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