Brasileirao U-20: Brazil’s future fullbacks

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We are looking for the best full-backs from the last Brasileirao U20 2022, which is nearing its end.


In July 2021, Vinicius Tobias, an Internacional de Portoalegre U-20 left-back, joined the Internacional first team. Six months later, he was on his way to Ukraine to join Shakhtar Donetsk for 6 million euros. Real Madrid signed one of the most promising full-backs in Brazil at the age of 18, who is already training and preparing him in their subsidiary team, Real Madrid Castilla.

In the 2021 Brasileirao U-20, Vinicius Tobias was already the best full-back in completed dribbles and one of the best overall performers in the Copa do Brasil 2020. The figure of the Brazilian full-back is synonymous with guarantee for top-level football, due to his ability to dribble, imagine and get into attacking positions with great ease. That is why we have set out to find out which Brazilian full-backs in the Brasileirao U-20, a competition that is still underway, with the semi-finals ready, can follow in the footsteps of Vinicius Tobias and many great Brazilian full-backs of the past.

According to our database, these are five of the U-20 full-backs who have stood out the most in the Brasileirao 2022, which is nearing completion after the playoffs, and who aspire to be a future reference in the Brasileirao.

  • Among the most complete is Kevyson, a Santos left-back born in 2004 who has proved to be very reliable at the back and equally imaginative and decisive in attack. Although Santos failed to make the playoffs, Kevyson was one of the standout performers after arriving in April from Athletico Paranaense. Unlike other promising U-20 full-backs, Kevyson showed great numbers in defensive facets (more than 6 recoveries per 90′ and more than 4 tackles per 90′).

Among the most offensive-minded, and also likely to win the title, is Wesley, Flamengo’s undisputed right-back, who has added up to 2.44 completed dribbles per 90′ and a high percentage of completed crosses, a good indicator in big teams that manage to take the game into the final third. The big but to his performance: he is in the worst 10% when it comes to tackling when faced.

These are just some of the names that have stood out in the Brasileirao. Feel free to contact us to find out more about this and other tournaments.

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Autor: Alejandro Arroyo
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