Football Team Analysis

We not only have the capability to measure a player’s performance. We also analyze team metrics. We identify what their strengths are, their weaknesses, their way of moving the ball forward, how effective they are at set pieces or how they improve the average of the league they compete in. Discover the power of soccer team performance analysis.


Rival analysis

Study your opponents

Some clubs rely on us to analyze the team they are going to face every week. We evaluate the style, offensive and defensive metrics of those opponents, how their different attackers can hurt them and many other details provided by the data.

Post game analysis

Go beyond the result

We can make a continuous tracking of the team by analyzing game by game. Showing in which areas of the field it is most effective, in which part of the field it has generated more danger, in which average positions its players have touched the ball and the key situations to understand how a match developed.


Find the right head coach

Our models also offer the option of evaluating the performance of coaches. What systems have they used most during their careers, what percentages of possession their teams have had, how they have behaved offensively, how they have performed defensively, as well as, complex game style metrics.

Discover the potential of data at your service


Corporate Information

We are a company based in Madrid, Spain founded in 2017 by Salvador Carmona and Cristian Coré Ramiro. Since the beginning our work has been focused on statistical analysis to help clubs and sport professionals in sports planning. We are a consultancy that offers customizable services for each client and defends a mixed management model and constant communication to accompany the day-to-day of the institutions. Our strengths are the widest coverage available in number of professional and junior tournaments as well as bespoke modeling for each client. For more details please contact us.

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