Tool development

Each client is different and it is in their hands to modify the radars and displays to their liking as well as to request or suggest the creation of new tools. In addition, we are available to work with the club’s internal data and parameters to generate visualizations and incorporate them into our services. We are flexible in our way of working and believe that adapting our services is key to improving the results.


Tool adaptation

Define your analysis methods – We can work with your own data

We offer the possibility of modifying our visualizations and creating metrics according to the needs and vision of each client. In addition, if the entity has its own data, we can work with it to generate personalized analyses that allow for the simplest possible integration of Driblab, complementing the process of your organization. As we are in constant communication with the clubs, we try to make our services to fit each client.

Customization of the searches

Filter according to your interests

The numerous filters available can be adapted to the interests of each entity. We can look for players who are under a certain age, have a specific nationality, contract end-date in a selected period of time or belong only to a concrete number of competitions.

Bespoke graphics

Get a full view of performance

A key factor for Driblab is the development of visualizations that allow a better understanding of our analyses. We constantly develop graphics for a more fluid communication with clients and media such as scatter plots, heat maps or event maps of the games. If you want your data portrayed in any given way we will develop it for you.

Discover the potential of data at your service


Corporate Information

We are a company based in Madrid, Spain founded in 2017 by Salvador Carmona and Cristian Coré Ramiro. Since the beginning our work has been focused on statistical analysis to help clubs and sport professionals in sports planning. We are a consultancy that offers customizable services for each client and defends a mixed management model and constant communication to accompany the day-to-day of the institutions. Our strengths are the widest coverage available in number of professional and junior tournaments as well as bespoke modeling for each client. For more details please contact us.

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