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Player Transfers

A very interesting moment in football is when the moments of transfers and signings between the different teams and leagues begin, since it can be a decisive and important moment for both the players and the clubs themselves.

In this section we will carry out all kinds of analysis to provide insight into the different possibilities with which we can measure potential football transfers and player transfers. From the replacement of players and their football market value to the performance of players within a team, through to location analysis to find out which club a player would best fit into if he were to be transferred in the transfer window.

Football Signings

In addition, when the time comes to make transfers, it is not something that is done at the time itself, but rather that it is well studied beforehand so that things go as well as possible.

Football market value

For all this it is important to be able to study the football market and above all how it is in each of the leagues where we may be interested.

Every transfer window, clubs try to reinforce those areas or positions where they need to improve quality or cover a need after the sale of an important player. Therefore, here we will analyse different possibilities and opportunities for clubs in different competitive contexts, based on the performance of the players visualised through the data.

In each transfer market we will add analyses on player replacement, young talent lists or location reports, all with the aim to drill down with data on players and teams. With all our functionalities and analysis tools we will try to find and highlight all those football signs who could find new destinations in the transfer market.


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