driblabPRO Release Notes November ‘21

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During the last month we have developed new tools at driblabPRO that expand the resources we provide to our clients. Here are the details of the new releases.


These are the improvements added to DriblabPRO during this month of November.


One of the main novelties this month is the introduction of the customizable radars in ‘Settings’ section. Now, the client will be able to select up to 20 personalized variables and create his own radar in order to visualize characteristics he is more interested in a player or a team.

These radars can be saved with a desired name and properly seen and selected later in the profile of a team or player scouted.

With the incorporation of this functionality, the customizable evaluation of any player or team is facilitated in a completely visual way, adapting a classic Driblab tool such as its radars to the needs of each client.


A new section ‘Compare with himself’ appears in players’ profile, which allows you to quickly compare their current performance with the given last season or during last 6 or 12 games. This way you can easily see the moment the player is going through and if he has improved or worsened compared to the past.


Two new metrics have been added in the player scouting section. ‘xT Passing’ describes the danger accumulated by a player due to passes he has given and ‘xT Carries’ the danger associated to his dribbling abilities. With the addition of these two metrics we improve the evaluation of an individual player making it even more complete.


This month Portuguese has been added to the five languages in which driblabPRO was already available in order to facilitate the interaction of lusophone clubs with the platform. The application can be viewed in this language by selecting it as preferred in the ‘Settings’ tab.

We are Driblab, a consultancy specialized in football analytics and big data; our work is focused on advising and minimizing risk in professional football decision-making in areas related to talent detection and footballer evaluations. Our database has more than 180,000 players from more than 180 competitions, covering information from all over the world. Here you can learn more about how we work and what we offer.

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