Mazatlan and Driblab sign multi-year renewal agreement

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Mazatlan and Driblab sign multi-year renewal agreement.


After one season of professional relationship, Driblab and Mazatlán FC have reached a multi-year renewal agreement, ratifying the mutual trust and commitment to strengthen the work done by Driblab in the processes of search, analysis and assistance to the sporting management of Mazatlán in order to face the challenges of the club in the demanding Mexican football.

Thus, Mazatlan FC will continue to have access to the driblabPRO platform developed by Driblab, with which to search and analyse more than 200,000 players, as well as to the consulting services with which to detect and filter talent anywhere in the world, relying in the same way on data to deepen the analysis of players and rivals within the Liga MX.

Data analysis and technology has become an increasingly important decision within the sporting management of professional clubs, making it possible to be at the forefront and anticipate scouting processes in order to be competitive, making decisions as objective as possible.

Luis Fernando Espejo, Head of Sports Intelligence at Mazatlán FC, on the renewal with Driblab: “With Driblab we can make better decisions thanks to the data. To give an example, now with the loan of Ygor Nogueira and taking into account that we need a right centre-back to cover that space, we found the profile of Jorge Meré, who meets the characteristics we are looking for, such as his excellent percentage of completed long passes. With the driblabPRO platform we can compare the different players who meet the established parameters and reach conclusions before confirming it on video. In terms of opponent analysis, thanks to driblabPRO we can easily find tendencies of the opponent, such as knowing where the opponent frequently brings the ball out or which player has the most contact with the ball. These details are extremely important for the coaching staff in order to be able to make better decisions.”

For Salvador Carmona, CEO of Driblab, “it is great news to continue to have the confidence of Mazatlan to be able to grow in Mexican football and find the best options to make it possible. Let’s hope that this is the case and that Driblab continues to support the club’s search and analysis processes with innovative data and tools”.

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