Driblab launches driblabPRO: a platform to transform scouting

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Get to know our latest development, a tool that will multiply our clients' possibilities.


Today at Driblab we go one step further in our aim to help more efficient decision-making in the world of football. Since mid-2017 we have provided bespoke solutions to reduce uncertainty and generate added value for recruitment departments, coaching staffs, agencies and federations. To further facilitate the work of industry professionals, we launch our new platform driblabPRO, an interactive tool to expand our clients’ scouting options. More than 180,000 players from over 180 leagues around the world, with our innovative visualisations, customizable searches and much more for our clients to decide when, how and where to access.

With driblabPRO we present a technological solution to revolutionize scouting: beyond viewing a player’s performance, radar, ranking by position, shot and key pass maps, as well as comparisons with other players; driblabPRO lets you create customizable searches, save them and share them. Our clients will be able to search according to their needs of age, position, nationality and sort by metrics in order to save those searches, share them with others employees, save players in favourites to follow their evolution or even download the CSV adapting to the tools established within each organization. An interactive platform that seeks greater efficiency and tailor-made solutions for each professional. All this as a complement to the consultancy service, as you can request in-depth reports from our team and receive them in your inbox.

If you want to know more contact us at this link.

The creation of driblabPRO adds an intuitive and easy to navigate tool that complements our work as consultants. Eliminate waiting times in everyday searches and use our human resources for more exhaustive reports that can be more beneficial to your organisation by generating insights and increasing the efficiency and speed of scouting.

Customizable searches

The aim of driblabPRO is to provide a technological solution to managers, sporting directors, scouts or agents so that statistical analysis is more present in their day-to-day work and to see the full potential of our services. To this end, driblabPRO adapts to the needs of each client as an additional service to our consultancy: the user can select filters based on age, height, nationality, Transfermarkt market value, position and the leagues they consider to be priorities. Within that selection, they can sort by performance on the desired metrics and when they decide which profiles are the most relevant, they can not only access our most innovative visualizations, but they can also ask our team for the most comprehensive reports.

Team and match-analysis tools

driblabPRO is a transversal platform within the clubs. In addition to scouting and sport management, we have implemented tools for team and match analysis. Coaches and analysts have a space to study opponents, style patterns and team performance with interactive filters: customisable pass maps by match phases and pass typology, shot and key pass maps and new developments such as the ‘Expected Threat’ metric and the ‘Game Flow Chart’ visualisation to understand the dominance of matches beyond chances.

We are and will be a consultancy but we want to be available when, how and where our clients want us to be. driblabPRO is here to change the day-to-day scouting and match analysis. It expands your scouting and minimises uncertainty. Driblab – Football Powered By Data. If you want to know more contact us at this link.

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