Release Notes – Third Quarter 2023

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As every quarter, we unveil all our new developments on the driblabPRO platform.


From July to September, we continued working on improving our application with new features. As the game continues to evolve, so does our commitment to delivering the most precise, insightful and data-driven analysis tools. Join us as we dive deep into player metrics, team strategies and broad-stroke league trends!

Match report PDF downloads

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a highly-requested feature: the capability to download comprehensive match reports in a PDF format. This feature is not merely about convenience—it’s a tool designed to streamline and intensify your analysis process. The report begins with ‘Lineups’, laying the foundational context for both teams’ tactical approach. The ‘Game Flow’ then chronologically captures the game’s dynamics with detailed stats for both home team and away team. Analyze the offensive efficiency with the ‘Finishing Map – xG Race’ and grasp the underlying patterns of play with the ‘Key Pass Map – Threat Map’. The ‘Top Players’ segment sheds light on the game’s most influential figures, while ‘Goalkeepers Saving’ delves into those crucial moments that could make or break a result. In addition, to ensure clarity and understanding, we’ve integrated a ‘Glossary’, so every advanced metric is clearly defined. With these PDF match reports, we aim to empower analysts and coaches with data that’s not just vast, but also meticulously organized and easily assimilated.

Enhanced Search Bar

We’ve made some tweaks to our search bar to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, even faster. Now, as you type, you’ll see a wider range of suggestions to point you in the right direction. Plus, we’ve added an “Explore More in Detail” button. Hit that, and you’ll dive deeper into whatever topic you’re searching for, uncovering more detailed info and stats. It’s all about making sure you get the most out of our soccer analytics platform. Give it a try and find out more!

New filter in Player Scout: Year of Birth

Introducing here our latest addition to the Player Scout page: the ‘Age of Birth’ filter. Whether you’re on the hunt for fresh talent just hitting the scene or experienced players who’ve been around the block, this filter’s got you sorted. Just slide to the age range you’re after to get a tailored list of players. Dive in and find your next game-changing recruit with ease!

“Similar players” button

Exploring the vast world of soccer talent just became more streamlined. When you’re on a player’s profile, you’ll now notice an added “Similar Players” button. By selecting this, you’re immediately redirected to our specialized ‘Similarity page’, pre-loaded with the player’s data. This allows for an effortless comparison with other players who showcase parallel stats and attributes. No more manual searching or retyping names! Use this feature to expand your understanding and make more informed decisions in the soccer realm.

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