driblabPRO Release Notes April & May 2022

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We compiled all the news and developments deployed in driblabPRO between April and May 2022.


These are the improvements added to DriblabPRO during these past months of April and May.


As it is shown in the image below, a new option has been added in the ‘Collections’ section to export easily a set of players and their data into an excel file.


A new graphic related to expected goals has been added in the finishing map section of each game, showing their sum related to the time of the match. This new tool, along with others already developed like ‘Game Flow’, allows to visualize the presence in rival area and the dangerous actions of each team in every moment of the game.


In the section ‘Ranking’ of each player, new filters have been added, allowing to make easier the comparison with other players and highlight those ones from a specific team or removing those teams that could be uninteresting. For example, the image below shows the comparison between Kevin de Bruyne (black point) and the rest of midfielders in the Premier League highlighting Liverpool´s (blue).

We are Driblab, a consultancy specialized in the statistical analysis of players and teams; our work is focused on advising and minimizing risk in professional football decision-making in areas related to talent detection and footballer evaluations. Our database has more than 200,000 players from more than 180 competitions, covering information from all over the world. Here you can learn more about how we work and what we offer.

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