Five MLS U-20 talents to watch closely

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We uncover five MLS U-20 talents with different potentials to keep a close eye on in the upcoming transfer markets.


As we have commented in other more or less recent analyses, the MLS is beginning to be seen as a place of different possibilities: first step, intermediate step or final step, depending on the age and talent of the player. But it is not a championship in which to stop watching the projection of young players. It is more complicated for Europe to be the next step, but they can grow and reach a big South American league that will make them grow. We take a closer look at five different profiles that could have a chance in different tactical contexts and levels of football.

Juan David Mosquera – Portland Timbers

A debutant with the Colombian national team, Mosquera is a very specific winger at the moment, who bases his performance on his power and space. He is not very skilful on the ball and surrounded by opponents he still has a lot of room for improvement in the worst association and is a player of a very powerful physical level, which makes him potentially interesting for the future if his football growth is constant. Scorer of 2 goals and 4 assists in MLS 2023.

Noah Allen – Inter Miami

Perhaps one of the most special and interesting young players, his projection as a full-back has been interrupted with the arrival of Jordi Alba but Tata Martino has been able to reposition him as a third centre-back and has continued to show signs of his calmness on the ball and his talent for initiating play from the back. Given his height and wingspan, his future looks set to continue to be at full-back, where his passing, build-up and line-breaking through-balls are all outstanding.

Jack Mcglynn – Philadelphia Union

One of the most interesting U20 midfielders in the league is undoubtedly Jack Mcglynn. A player very capable of moving the ball without moving from his area, with a clear ability to play, combine and organise all the play that passes through the midfield. A very secure midfielder in the pass who also adds a great long movement to take the game to more open areas. One of those profiles in high demand in an MLS with a tendency to run.

Diego Luna – Salt Lake City

And the most influential U-20 player of the moment is the American Diego Luna, a classic talent from three-quarters of the pitch onwards with the ability to create chances, get in between the lines and dribble with quality passes and controls. He ranks among the league’s top players in chances created (2,562 per 90 minutes). Just turned 20.

Brian Gutierrez – Chicago Fire

Seen on video, the player most likely to make the leap to a power league because of his pace, quality ball control, seemingly unhurried play and ability to solve all kinds of plays is Chicago Fire’s Brian Gutierrez. His map of ball progressions speaks for itself. All the blue ones correspond to progressions that end in key passes or assists. A player with a fantastic calmness and ease to play, mix, accelerate and give last passes. A special talent.

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