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Land of midfielders, we find Argentinian players who are either already close to leaving for another league or will do so sooner rather than later.


Now that the Argentine league is over, with River as champions, there are many ways to take stock. One of them is to use our database, apply certain age and position filters and accumulate a list of talents who have excelled well above average despite their youth. In the land of midfielders, we find Argentinian players who are either already close to leaving for another league or will do so sooner rather than later.

Federico Redondo

One of the most interesting breakthroughs of the last year has been Federico Redondo. At 20 years of age, with a Spanish passport and a contract expiring in December 2024, Federico Redondo, son of the legendary Fernando Redondo, possesses the temperance, balance and direction required of a classic Argentinian ‘5’. In addition to a great security in the pass, both orienting himself to receive and to find free teammates between lines, he shows very good numbers in the individual duel and protecting the ball, which makes him an ideal profile to nullify the opponent’s pressure. A player with the potential to be the future midfielder of the national team.

Santiago Hezze

A more specific profile but of recent and immediate impact is Santiago Hezze, a very complete midfielder with an innate talent for containment, with great competitiveness and room for improvement. He excels at blocking inside passes, with a mental speed that is far superior in the Argentinian league. Imposing in the aerial duel and with a great commitment to the defensive return and the dispute. Player more than ready for a higher pace and important challenges in Europe.

Bruno Zapelli

A different midfielder, with several registers to adapt to different midfields and ideas of play, is Bruno Zapelli, who has already closed his move to Athletico Paranaense. A large midfielder, very powerful in passing and driving, and with good individual resources to create danger in the final metres. A classic box-to-box player with a lot of potential.

Ignacio Miramón

Among the younger players, but who still need more time for observation and monitoring, is Ignacio Miramón, another midfielder also more specific, very good in containment, especially going to the flanks, where his effectiveness to cut transitions or progressions is especially high.

Aaron Molinas

A product of the Boca Juniors youth academy and on loan at Tigre, he is the most creative midfielder of all, with a great facility for receiving the ball and finding space and risk-taking team-mates. A lot of Tigre’s attacking play goes through him, generating chances and changing the tempo of possession in the final 40 metres of the pitch. He creates almost two chances per game (passes that end in a shot).

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