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Although there are more and more statistical options to measure the performance of a goalkeeper, it is not easy to be able to measure how much value he adds and adds to each action. In terms of saves that prevent goals we have xGOT (Expected Goals on Target), plus many others, while in terms of […]


Although there are more and more statistical options to measure the performance of a goalkeeper, it is not easy to be able to measure how much value he adds and adds to each action. In terms of saves that prevent goals we have xGOT (Expected Goals on Target), plus many others, while in terms of feet we have numerous ways, in volume, success and reward, to recognise goalkeepers with the most ability to create value with their feet.

While there is a part to do with style of play and money available, his passing ability is increasingly valued in the search for goalkeepers. What used to be a risk is now seen as an almost indispensable requirement. To take a nearby example, Bart Verbruggen, wanted by English club Brighton, appears in multiple metrics as the best goalkeeper in the Jupiler Pro League. Filtering for under-25 goalkeepers in the Belgian and Dutch championships, Verbruggen appeared as the top goalkeeper. With a simple click and several visualisations we can detect specific talent with very concrete metrics.

But this is only part of it. Using the Passing Contributihttps://www.driblab.com/driblab-en/passing-contribution-influence-beyond-pass-accuracy/on and Expected Passes models, explained in their respective links, we wanted to be especially demanding in the search for young goalkeepers in all types of leagues with great potential in the game with their feet. If we raise the filters, very few appear, but those that do will be of great value in spotting talent. Among the very few that did appear, one was particularly good. A natural talent that is already beginning to sound very strong.

This find is especially relevant because at 18 years old he is taking his first steps in professionalism and also meets the other requirements of a goalkeeper: he is very good under the sticks, he is among the best in save metrics and, of course, he is especially good with his feet. He is the complete package and goes by the name of Filip Sidklev.

With only 9 games played in Sweden’s top flight, Sidklev appeared in our alert system far above the league average and excelled in many metrics of ball retention, passing accuracy and contribution playing both short and long. In this visualisation below, his position in each metric among all Swedish goalkeepers is shown on the right. A brilliant breakthrough at the age of 18 and in his debut year. He has not yet played 1,000 minutes in the Allsvenskan.

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